Health and Safety

In accordance with The Health and Safety Employment Act 1992, and WorkSafe guidelines, the Mokai Station health and safety policy provides personnel and visitors with information to reduce risk.

The adjacent/above maps shows high risk areas highlighted in red. 
These risk areas are elaborated on in the Mokai Health and Safety Policy. Please note the full red map marks out the whole property as hazardous. 



Key Points to Remember for Your Safety:

– Please Sign In and Out and the Hut at the Front Gate.

– Be aware of hazards in red highlighted areas.

– If an accident occurs/unmarked hazard is identified, please contact Administration.

Why Health and Safety is Important to ALL OF US:

This site, known as Mokai Station, is an industrial workspace- it is not a backyard; it is not; unless guided or given rights to; a playground or private hunting block- it is an industrial work space. If you are not here actively engaged in a working capacity you should not be here.


Everything on site is a potential hazard; from the small stones underfoot you could slip on, to a grumpy cow with a calf at foot who would like to hurt you, to stags during the roar (their mating season) who will kill you if they think you are between them and a female.

The world of farming from 29 years ago when I first moved to live on this land, to 2020, is an entirely different world. The landscape has changed dramatically and no matter our personal ideals- we are all required by law to abide by the standards set for us by our Government- WorkSafe, MPI, Animal Welfare and others.

Mokai Station takes these legislative obligations seriously as any professional business would and should. Respect this environment that you find yourself working in and please report any event, misadventure, mishap, or concern immediately to Mokai Station management.


Please and Thank You.