Assets for Sale

Mokai Station Limited is putting all farming equipment up for sale. These assets are available for purchase- this is not a fire sale. 

To arrange a viewing, request more info, or see pricing, please email or call 0273038956

Download list of all items & prices:

TePari Racewell HD3

3 Years old, serviced 2020, had cables and ram seals replaced. This model can be remotely controlled, and comes with remote and instruction manual. Price includes Gallagher Load Bars. Has been programmed for 3 way weighing. Programmed for operation with a TWR-5 Gallagher monitor.


– Racewell standalone price $16,000 incl. GST. 

– Air compressor and TWR-5 Gallagher scale reader available as extras. 

– TWR-5 Price $2000.00 incl GST.

– Compressor Price $200.00 incl GST.



Small Dog Kennels

$10 incl. GST

Old dog kennels, built to be raised off the ground, so their floors are still solid.

Gallagher Antenna Panel 1300 EID Tag Reader

$1150 incl. GST

1300 by 600mm size reader. For use with the SmartReader BR/R Controller. Still sealed in courier package, Brand New.

Trailed Grain and Meal Feeder

$1800 incl. GST

Made by McKee Plastics, 6 Months old and used very little.

Homebuilt Kennel and Run

$80 incl. GST

Homebuilt kennel and run, in really nice condition. Approx 3m long, 1.5m wide. 

Heiniger 12v Clippers

$600 incl. GST

12v portable clippers that are setup to run off a car battery. Comes in original box, with oil, brush, and 6 cutters.

Tractor Trailer

$500 incl. GST

Chassis in good condition, deck is fine. Good solid trailer for farm jobs.

Duncan Roller

$500 incl. GST

In good condition, apart from one broken centre ring.


Hay Conveyer

$600 incl. GST

Hasn’t been used in the last 6 years, but should still work. Has been kept under cover when not in use. Structure is sound. Stopped using as switched to baleage.

Firewood Cages

$50.00 each incl. GST

Homebuilt cages for firewood storage/transport. Have 4 available, in reasonable condition. The bottom opens up to release contents. Perfect for a firewood business/to store your own.


Timber (Bulk lots from Waverly Sawmill.)

Tanalised Framing

Frames are 2.6m long by 120 wide. Timber itself is 140 by 46. 20 pieces.

$150.00 incl. GST for all.

Bridge Support H4/5

Packet 1: 3.5m average length. 350 by 350, 6 lengths.

Packet 2: 3m average length. 350 by 350, 6 lengths.

Packet 3: 2.6 average length. 350 by 350, 6 lengths.

From $234.00 incl. GST.